A summary of Voices of Youth Advocates’ biphobic review controversy

In case you missed the ongoing saga of Voices of Youth Advocates’ (VOYA) biphobic review, there’s a summary I wrote over at bitopia.org.

Some highlights include:

A VOYA review for Kody Keplinger’s book Run warning of the main character mentioning their bisexuality, but not mentioning the sex scene between two straight characters.

VOYA’s editor in chief confusing genderqueer with a sexuality, then telling off Tristina Wright for “revealing their child’s sexuality”, who simply mentioned their genderqueer child in a complaint to VOYA about the biphobic book review.

The same editor in chief accusing Wright of wanting to “destroy enemies on a public forum” for making the complaint, and then passive-aggressively claiming critics wanted to use their bisexuality “to be obnoxious”.

And of course the three public “non-apologies” on the VOYA Facebook page, all of which have been deleted after commenters started criticising them.

While writing this I’ve already had to update the article because there has been yet another apology posted on the VOYA magazine Facebook page, I hope to update for every new development. There’s been so many weird developments I’m not sure I can keep up…

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