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Hello, I’m Alex Liddell and this is the first post on The Obscuricom, a blog about obscure, weird and relatively underrated topics in popular culture. While I intend “the obscure” to be the general theme of this website, I’ll also be using it as a portfolio for my other work and as a general platform to talk about things that interest me.

As you can see the website has just gone live and there’s still a lot of work to be done, but I want to get straight into writing some content, so now’s as good a time as any to share some ideas for future topics.

One such idea is having a theme called Casual Fridays, where I’ll be writing about casual games as a genre and reviewing them, especially lesser known casual games. As the title implies, I’ll be posting about this on Fridays. Possible topics under this theme I’d like to cover are “what defines a casual game” and “does casual gaming have to mean super easy?”

Another idea is Weird Wednesdays where as you’d expect I’ll make posts on Wednesdays dedicated just to the weirdest stuff I can get my hands on, from bizarre books to forgotten films and more.

Plus, I’m very interested in covering various types of LGBT+ Media Representation, since I have an essay on Harley Quinn and bisexual representation about to be published I am excited to cover other examples from comics, games and various other media.

I’m also planning on doing a series of articles about The Best And Worst Villains in media, not only to tie in with my current work analysing DC’s Harley Quinn, but also to explore why people find villains so compelling and social commentary surrounding villainous characters.

I’m always open to suggestions of topics and media to cover, so please leave a comment or reach me on social media to send me recommendations.

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