Good Greenlight Weekly Roundup


Welcome to a weekly roundup of the more obscure video games yet to get onto Steam through Greenlight, complete with a “pick of the week”.

Anybody familiar with steam Greenlight is aware at how notorious it can be for showcasing shovelware and trying to push ill-advised (and sometimes outright rancid) projects onto the steam storefront, which is depressing given the platform’s intent to give a leg up to indie developers and the amount of genuinely good games that get uploaded.

Thankfully, with the help of the Steam community, and YouTube series such as Jim Sterling’s Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers and Greenlight Good Stuff, at least some form of quality control is starting to be implemented by raising consumer awareness.

Whether Valve will actually make direct and significant changes to Greenlight still remains to be seen however. So, in that same spirit of consumer awareness, I’ve decided to do a weekly roundup of projects currently on Greenlight that I think deserve to be voted onto the store, for no other reason other than I think they are genuinely interesting and overlooked.

Pick of the week:

Aliens Go Home Run

This is the Greenlight Roundup pick of the week if only because it has such a fun premise, where a girl baseball player hits a home run so hard the ball creates a crater on another planet and accidently starts an alien invasion.

I especially feel this needs a bit of extra promotion because I think this game is being labelled with a bit of an unfair criticism. It’s accused of being a “Breakout clone”.

Now, I am of the opinion that games don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time to be worthy of being greenlit, providing they do something significant to separate it from similar games. It doesn’t have to be radically different, just different enough to be an enjoyable experience on its own.

Aliens Go Home Run does that by having its own offbeat story and aesthetic, and by tweaking the gameplay that Breakout has, where enemies present a bullet hell-like threat instead of being just obstacles to break with the ball.

In summary, it would be a huge shame to not have this greenlit based on the assumption that it’s a rip-off of a classic, especially as clearly a lot of heart and effort has gone into this game to give it its own flair.

Spike Legends – Pro Beach Vollyball

The game is looks like a real diamond in the rough, but it got my vote by having an emphasis gameplay and an extensive career mode. It stands out even further as being a project of love for a sport that doesn’t really get much attention in the games industry outside of mini-games and an excuse for bikini fan service.

While it would certainly benefit from having a more polish graphically, it has a solid foundation to build from, which could make it a surprise hit if it’s greenlit.


I love city builders so this immediately caught my attention. Admittedly, it’s not groundbreaking in concept (it’s basically a cross between Tropico and Banished except it’s at sea), but it has solid gameplay and a good basis for building on its current content. The promise of easily modding the game is especially attractive, since I just know someone is going to make the Rapture lighthouse from Bioshock at some point, which I will be using.


This is an old-school dungeon crawler that’s not using “retro” as a caveat for low quality. It helps that it has a sense of humour about itself if its character classes are anything to go by, such as “Tomato Person”, “Land Dolphin” and “Accountant”. The premise is that you are an adventurer exploring a dungeon that is in fact an abandoned theme park, which explains the jazzy soundtrack, whimsical weapons and corgis in Robin Hood outfits… I assume.

Overall, it’s got a lot of charm to it and I’m interested in a more colourful dungeon crawler than the usual dark and murky variety in the genre.

Drop Alive

In Drop Alive you play a homesick drop of water making a journey to the river where it used to live, where you navigate the environment by transforming into steam, ice or liquid. The hand-drawn animations of this platformer give it an adorable storybook aesthetic and the hook of being able to transform your form using the environment to solve puzzles seems like an interesting twist on an flooded market on steam.


Do you think there’s a game on Steam Greenlight that’s been unfairly overlooked? Let me know in the comments and check back here next Wednesday for more Greenlight picks.

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